In the realm of shipping and packaging, the safeguarding of your parcels is a top priority. This is where our range of postal box identification stickers comes into play. These stickers are more than mere labels; they are a declaration of the care needed for your precious cargo.

Premium Quality Vinyl Stickers

Durable and Versatile: Our stickers are crafted from high-quality vinyl, ensuring durability and longevity. This material choice makes the stickers perfect for repeated use, ideal for courier boxes that are in circulation more than once. They adhere well to various surfaces, including cardboard, plastic, and metal, making them incredibly versatile.

Vivid and Attention-Grabbing: Each sticker is designed with bold red text on a white background, ensuring high visibility. This striking contrast demands attention, ensuring that your package gets the careful handling it requires.

Varied Size Options

Customizable for Different Packages: We offer these stickers in a range of sizes to accommodate different packaging needs. Whether it's a small, fragile item or a larger, more cumbersome parcel, we have a sticker size that fits perfectly.

Easy Accessibility

Available Online: You can easily purchase these indispensable stickers directly from the On Top Packaging website or through the Amazon marketplace. Accessibility and convenience are key, and we’ve ensured that these stickers are just a few clicks away.

Effective Usage

Simple Application: Applying these stickers is straightforward – just peel and stick. For enhanced visibility, we recommend placing them on at least two sides of your package. This placement strategy makes the fragile label visible from multiple angles, significantly minimizing the risk of mishandling.


Our "Fragile, Handle with Care" vinyl stickers are an essential tool for anyone looking to send parcels that require that extra touch of care. They are not just labels; they are a protective measure, ensuring your items are treated with the caution they deserve. Whether your package is traveling once or being used repeatedly, these stickers maintain their integrity and visibility.

Visit the On Top Packaging website or explore our Amazon store to purchase these vital stickers. Protect your shipments effectively with just a simple addition of our durable, high-quality stickers.

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