Environmental Statement

On Top Packaging recognises the need to control environmental issues through a planned, systematic approach through an Environmental Management System (EMS), by reducing our global environmental burden. We aim to look at our direct effect on the surrounding environment, the disturbance that our work activities have on the people in the surrounding vicinity and the wider effect of our activities on global resources.


Environmental Policy Statement

Carbon Neutral Commitment: At On Top Packaging, we align with the vision of a greener tomorrow. We are determined in our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality across all of our operations. Our primary mission is to reduce and offset our carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Smart Urban Delivery: We recognize the critical role urban delivery plays in reducing environmental impact. Our Smart Urban Delivery initiative focuses on minimizing the carbon footprint of our transportation operations, steering our journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable landscape. 

Innovative Entrepreneurship: We embrace innovation and entrepreneurship as the heartbeats of sustainability. Our Innovative Entrepreneurship program encourages and supports eco-friendly start-ups and initiatives that share our vision.

Closer Communities: We believe that building strong, sustainable communities is integral to environmental stewardship. Our Closer Communities initiative is a testament to this belief, cultivating local engagement and collaboration for the sustainable development of our neighbourhoods.

Protect and Improve: Compliance with environmental legislation and continuous improvement are cornerstones of our environmental commitment. We aim to exceed legal requirements and continually enhance our sustainability practices.

Environmental Legislation: We are dedicated to full compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, we actively engage with policymakers and industry associations whose commitments align with environmental standards.


Environmental Management System (EMS):

1. Local Effects: What we do matters, as such, we aim to minimize the environmental impacts in the heart of the communities where we operate. This includes actions such as route optimization to reduce emissions and partnering with local organizations.

2. Protect and Improve: We emphasize the importance of continuous improvement in our environmental practices. This includes compliance audits, internal assessments, we're not just reaching for environmental standards, we're striving to exceed them.

3. Environmental Legislation: Our commitment to comply to environmental legislation ensures that we adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. 

4. Environmental Policy: To commit the necessary financial resources to fulfil the environmental policy.

5. Reuse and Recycle: We focus on minimizing waste generation and promoting responsible disposal practices. This includes recycling programs, reducing single-use materials, and encouraging product and material reuse.

6. Energy Consumption: To reduce our energy consumption, we continuously seek opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. This involves adopting energy-efficient technologies, conducting energy audits, and promoting conservation practices among employees.

7. Waste Transportation: Our efforts aim to minimize the environmental impact associated with waste management and transportation. This includes optimizing transportation routes for waste collection, collaborating with local recycling facilities, and evaluating sustainable waste disposal methods.

8. Greener Alternatives: A key component of our sustainability strategy is greener alternatives. We explore and integrate eco-friendly materials, renewable energy sources, and environmentally responsible products and services wherever possible.

Through our Environmental Management System, we are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and driving positive change in our industry. This policy underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility, sustainability, and the protection of our natural world.

Mike Smith, CEO, 8th November 2023

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