How To Design & Submit Your Artwork

Designing and submitting artwork for your bespoke boxes and packaging needs here at On Top Packaging is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Gather your artwork: Prepare your artwork files in the appropriate format. Accepted file types often include Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), or high-resolution PDF files. Ensure that your artwork meets the resolution and colour mode requirements specified by us at On Top Packaging.

  2. Design your artwork: Utilize professional design software to create your artwork. Ensure that it aligns with your branding guidelines, includes all necessary elements (logo, text, images), and reflects the desired aesthetic for your packaging.

  3. Verify specifications: Double-check the specifications provided by us at On Top Packaging, such as dimensions, bleed areas, and colour requirements. These specifications ensure that your artwork fits perfectly on the packaging and maintains the desired quality in printing.

  4. Consult with us at On Top Packaging: Reach out to our sales or customer service team to discuss your artwork and packaging requirements. We can guide you through the specific details and provide any necessary templates or guidelines to assist in the artwork preparation.

  5. Prepare your artwork files: Once your artwork is ready, make sure to save it in the correct format and follow any specific instructions provided by us. This may include outlining fonts, embedding images, and flattening layers to ensure accurate reproduction.

  6. Submit your artwork: There are typically multiple ways to submit your artwork to us. You can upload the files through our website's designated file upload feature, send us via email, or use a file-sharing platform if it is preferred or specified by us. Make sure to include any relevant information, such as your contact details, order number, and specific instructions.

  7. Confirm artwork approval: After submitting your artwork, our team will review it to ensure it meets the necessary requirements for printing. We may contact you for clarifications or modifications if needed. Once your artwork is approved, you will receive confirmation, and the production process will proceed accordingly.

It's important to maintain open communication with us at On Top Packaging throughout the design and submission process. We will provide guidance, address any concerns, and keep you updated on the progress of your order.

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