On Top Packaging Kraft Brown Catering Platter Boxes

Introducing our latest range of On Top Packaging Kraft Brown Catering Platter Boxes, tailor-made to showcase and protect your sumptuous sandwiches, tempting wraps, decadent cakes, muffins, and finger foods.

Crafted from premium, sustainably sourced F-Flute board, our platter boxes offer unmatched strength and durability. They are perfect for meeting a wide variety of catering needs, earning high praise from suppliers and outlets alike for their utility and style.

Easy to Use

Say goodbye to the hassle of fiddly packaging. With our innovative lid design featuring a convenient pop on/off mechanism, our platter boxes guarantee a seamless presentation. Constructing the food boxes is a breeze, and the lids, available separately, attach and detach from the top with the utmost ease.

Value & Variety

We provide unbeatable wholesale value with our platter bases. No.1, No.2, and No.3 sizes come in quantities of 100, while our new No.4 size is supplied in sets of 50. To complement the bases, we offer recyclable platter box lids made from PET and Kraft Paper.

Premium Quality

Our platter boxes boast superior F-Flute construction, ensuring optimum protection for your food during transport. Made from sustainable and compostable food-grade Kraft board, these platter boxes align perfectly with our commitment to the environment. The paperboard from our Kraft platters can be easily recycled after removing food waste.

Experience the Advantage

Experience the On Top Packaging advantage with our four sizes of paper sandwich platters. The convenience, sustainability, and attractive presentation of our Kraft Brown Catering Platter Box range are unmatched. Elevate your catering game with our boxes and enhance your guests' gastronomic journey.

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