At On Top Packaging, we thrive on your feedback. Your engagement - weather following, sharing, or just liking our posts - fuels our passion to serve you better. We're constantly updating our social media with fresh content to keep you in the know about our latest product features and expanding product base.

Stay Connected on Your Favourite Platforms:

  • Facebook: Get the latest updates and hit 'Like' to join our growing community.
  • Twitter: Follow us for quick updates and join the conversation.
  • Instagram: Love our products? Show us some love on Instagram.
  • Pinterest: Find inspiration and creative ideas from our boards.
  • YouTube: Watch our latest videos to learn more about our products.
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Our Commitment to a Positive Social Media Environment

On Top Packaging adheres strictly to the guidelines of each social media platform, ensuring a respectful and constructive community. We reserve the right to remove posts that are in violation of these rules or are:

  • Libellous, defamatory, harassing, or unlawful.
  • Abusive, threatening, harmful, or racially offensive.
  • Obscene, tasteless, sexually explicit, or irrelevant.
  • Containing profanity, not original (except Twitter retweets), or spammy.
  • Displaying personal information or advertising third-party products/services.
  • Impersonating others.

Violating these guidelines may lead to us blocking or unfollowing your account.

Our Social Media Goals

We use our corporate social media accounts to share:

  • Information about our activities and priorities.
  • Updates on news, events, and campaigns.

Join us on this journey and let's make packaging exciting together!

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