What is a Water-Activated Tape Dispenser?

A water-activated tape dispenser is used to dispense gummed or water-activated tape, which requires moisture to become sticky and seal boxes or packages. This type of tape is popular in packaging for its strong bond and security. It's made from natural paper and a starch-based adhesive, which becomes tacky when wetted by the dispenser.

How Does it Work?

The dispenser has a built-in mechanism to wet the tape as it is dispensed. Users pull the desired length of tape through the machine, which moistens the glue on the tape’s underside before it’s applied to the box. This system ensures a consistent and effective seal each time, which is crucial for secure packaging.

Benefits of Using a Water-Activated Tape Dispenser in Your Company

  1. Enhanced Package Security: Water-activated tape forms a stronger bond than traditional pressure-sensitive tapes, making it ideal for valuable or heavy shipments.

  2. Cost Efficiency: While the upfront cost of the tape can be higher, the superior sealing ability often means using less tape overall compared to standard packaging tapes.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Since the tape is paper-based and uses a natural adhesive, it is more environmentally friendly than plastic tapes, aligning with sustainability goals.

  4. Improved Packaging Appearance: Water-activated tape provides a clean, professional look to packages, enhancing brand presentation.

  5. Tamper Evident: The bond created is so strong that the tape will tear the cardboard if someone tries to open the package, adding an extra layer of security.

How This Impacts Your Company

Integrating a water-activated tape dispenser into your packaging process supports your commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendlier materials. It also boosts your operation's efficiency and improves package security, ensuring customer satisfaction with intact deliveries. Moreover, the professional finish provided by the water-activated tape enhances your brand's image, presenting your products in the best possible way.

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